Mistah Kye – Drowning Lyrics – Genius

Mistah Kye – Drowning Lyrics – Genius

Mistah Kye – Drowning Lyrics – Genius


I can’t put trust in a person, put my all in and they let me down
Stand my ground but I dropped my crown
Now it’s got scratches and the diamond’s out
She try wear my crown and say that it’s hers

Fuck that, now I’m fucked no doubt
I’m losing myself, she giving me hell
I put my arm out as she watched me drown
Fuck, I’m drowning, you know I can’t swim
Is she taking the piss? nobody can help me
I been getting to the top myself
While she on my back, calling us unhealthy
She pushed me in the deep end
I can’t even swim, tell me why she move so stealthy
But I changed, the watеr was freezing
Now I’m so cold that the sun can’t melt me


All these girls that I meet, they’re copy and paste
They come from the street, say I come from space

Everybody’s depressed nowadays
They try and drain me, while I’m just okay
They calling for help I’m a unpaid therapist
Hearing you out as I take your pain
I been through it too but I don’t say much
If I told you me, you’ll lose your brain
As a man I gotta face my problems
Now I gotta face yours too
It’s insane but I can’t complain
If I do complain, you’ll find something new
So just hold my heart, just get on my back
You’ve been so low, with me your up
Now I’m so low like you once was
But it’s all good now cos I’m happy you’re up
Let a man disrespect her
Say that again Lil man, come try if you can

Rearrange his face so bad
He can change his name and be a new man
I gave her my all and she gave me none
Right now still wearing my crown
I fought all her battles and we got to the top
She put a knife in my back and she pushed me down

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