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Hayden McNulty – Mercy Lyrics – Genius

Hayden McNulty – Mercy Lyrics – Genius Read Full Lyrics And Make Ur Day Perfect

[Verse 1]
This is for the versions
I know incomplete
For all of the ancient
Songs I’ll never complete

[Verse 2]
For all of my pursuits
I’ll try to remember you
For all of the dreams
Who’ve screwed me over

[Verse 3]
To all nondeserving (Ooh)
To all the abused
To all the abusers (Ooh)
To all who’ve been screwed

[Verse 4]
To all of the selfish
Who live in shame
To all of the assholes
Who hate their own brain

[Verse 5]
I show mercy
Can you forgive me
For I show mercy‘

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